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With over 300 gorgeous photographs, this book is an exploration of Asia's most stunning hotels and resorts. From a stilled villa above a blue lagoon in the Maldives and a remote yoga resort in the hills of Bhutan to serene enclaves in the bustling cities of Dubai and Bangkok, Asia offers an unmatched range of luxurious accommodations to satisfy those looking to escape or in search of a one-of-a-kind experience. Beach resorts, hill resorts, spa resorts, health resorts, golf resorts—there is something for every top-tear vacationer. All the Asian hotels and resorts showcased in this book spread over a vast area between the Indian and Pacific Oceans, epitomize grandeur and opulence and inimitable Asian hospitality. All are renowned for their magnificent settings, distinctive local architecture, lavish living spaces, contemporary styling with an Asian twist and impeccable service. And all fuse modern-day, taken-for-granted amenities with rich cultural traditions and warm and friendly hospitality. Sure to be a wonderful addition to any design or travel book collection, Asian Resorts is a wonderful guide to many of the best luxury accommodations in Asia. Featured resorts and hotels include: Uma Paro, Bhutan Losari Coffee Plantation Resort & Spa, Java The Royal Pita Maha, Bali Thalassa Shima Hotel & Resort, Japan Maison Souvannaphum, Laos Anantara Golden Triangle Resort & Spa, Thailand One & Only Royal Mirage, UAE

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