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amira jarmakani an imperialist love story

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'Garry Willmott asked me to be a preview reader of Serendipity: A Gallipoli Love Story. Having read five of his previous books I agreed immediately. I thought I would read it in a month however once I began reading I couldn't put it down, I completed the manuscript in two days. The story begins in Tasmania and follows the main character to Gallipoli and onto his life in Turkey and beyond. I recommend this book to anybody who enjoys an absorbing story based on historical fact.' – Ian Macintosh 'Serendipity had me intrigued from the first page. The story line drifted from 1960s Tasmania, back to 1915 Gallipoli and through the years in between. The story follows the life of an ANZAC Gallipoli veteran, from his landing at ANZAC Cove and subsequent capture and escape. The fall of the Ottoman Empire, the post-WWI rise of Mustafa Kemal Attaturk and the building of the nation of Turkey, and the rise and fall of Hitler and the Third Reich and the genocide during WW2. All interestingly woven together with the backline story of family and the loss of loved ones. This book is a wonderfully interesting history lesson with a personal and heartwarming story of survival and love. I read this draft in five days, which for me is very fast, but such was the grip I was under from Serendipity.' – Ash Hind, Amateur Military Historian 'This novel is a poignant blend of Love and War. Garry S. Willmott captures it all in his immensely enjoyable book Serendipity: A Gallipoli Love Story. The Gallipoli campaign, an unlikely love story, Turkish history and politics. This book has it all plus an informative background on Attaturk and the last caliphate. One of those 'hard to put down' books after you have opened the front cover.' – Gary McKay, Battlefield Guide Canada

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