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У меня для тебя фантастическое донесение: приобрести asimov isaac the complete robot допустимо начиная с 74.72 рублей. Однако цены asimov isaac the complete robot часто намного выше, несколько магазинов предлагают купить аж за 3501 рублей: так что сформируйте относительный обзор цен в нашем сервисе перед приобретением. Продажа asimov isaac the complete robot совершается в 2 партнерских магазинах, среди них: labirint.ru, litres.ru.

From the Bestselling Author of I, Robot His name is synonymous with all that is best in science fiction. The New York Times In a career spanning nearly fifty years, Isaac Asimov science writer, historian, and futurist accurately predicted how technological breakthroughs would be developed and utilized, years before they became reality. His foresight envisioned calculators, computerized cars, and advances in the field of robotics in such popular books as I, Robot; Robots and Empire; and The Robots of Dawn. Robot Dreams spans the body of his fiction from the 1940s to the mid-1980s, featuring all of the classic Asimovian themes from the scientific puzzle and the extraterrestrial thriller to the psychological discourse presented by the author in an introductory essay. In addition to the title story (a Locus poll winner, and Hugo and Nebula Award finalist), this collection features several of Asimov s robot tales. A robopsychologist must outwit a machine determined to stay hidden in Little Robot Lost; a woman s talent for Light Verse overshadows her true accomplishments with her robot servants; and The Last Question presented to computer after computer over a hundred billion years may remain forever unanswered. Classic science fiction . . . includes many of Asimov s best. Chronicle The collection gathers 20 of Asimov s greatest (with Asimov, the word great is no mere hyperbole), older short stories, plus one new tale written especially for this book, and an important essay which opens the book. Starlog"

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