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carol arens the earl s american heiress

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Kaitlin O’Riley continues her charming series set in Victorian London, where the Hamilton sisters’ bookshops are the perfect setting for romance to unfold . . .   The latest American sensation to grace London’s ballrooms, Meredith Rose Remington has beauty, wit—and a shocking secret. At her aunt’s insistence, Meredith is posing as an oil heiress, but she is utterly destitute. In truth, Meredith would rather spend her time writing than trying to snag a wealthy husband. Yet the stranger who flirts so outrageously with her in Hamilton’s Book Shoppe surpasses even the heroes of her vivid imagination . . .   Phillip Sinclair, the Earl of Waverly, has seen ambitious heiresses come and go. Only the enchanting Meredith could make him curb his reckless ways and settle down. But jealous rivals and meddling gossips are far from the only obstacles that must be overcome if love is to secure a happy ending . . .  Praise for The Heiress He’s Been Waiting For  “This charming romance is a strong start, and readers will eagerly anticipate the next installment!” —Publishers Weekly (starred review)  “The same mix of engaging characters and an emotionally compelling love story found in O’Riley’s Hamilton Sisters books provides a solid foundation for the launch of her series.” —Booklist       Visit us at www.kensingtonbooks.com  

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