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cecelia ahern how to fall in love

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A fantastic collection of three of Cecelia’s bestsellers: ONE HUNDRED NAMES, HOW TO FALL IN LOVE and THE YEAR I MET YOU.ONE HUNDRED NAMES: Kitty Logan has lost her way… When she makes a terrible mistake, she finds herself mired in scandal, her career implodes and even her personal relationships are tested to the limits. At a loss, Kitty finds distraction in a list of one hundred names her late mentor and boss, Constance, has left her. Kitty’s been given one final chance, the most important assignment of her life – to write the story behind the one hundred names as a tribute piece to Constance. Can these strangers’ stories help her finally understand her own?HOW TO FALL IN LOVE: Christine Rose is crossing the Ha’penny Bridge in Dublin late one night when she sees a stranger, Adam, poised to jump. Desperate to help, she talks him into a reckless deal: if he gives her two weeks, she’ll prove that life is worth living. But as the clock ticks and the two of them embark on late-night escapades and romantic adventures, what Christine has really promised seems impossible…THE YEAR I MET YOU: For Jasmine, losing her job felt like losing everything. With a life built around her career and her beloved sister Heather, suddenly her world becomes the house and garden she has hardly seen and the neighbours she has yet to meet. But being fired is just the beginning for Jasmine. In the year that unfolds she learns more about herself than she could ever imagine – and more about other people than she ever dreamed. Sometimes friendship is found in the most unexpected of places.

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