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Mr. Ephraim Tutt is a crafty old attorney who supports the common man and always has a trick up his sleeve to right the law's injustices. Table of Contents: Tutt and Mr. Tutt The Human Element Mock Hen and Mock Turtle Samuel and Delilah The Dog Andrew Wile Versus Guile Hepplewhite Tramp Lallapaloosa Limited By Advice of Counsel The Shyster The Kid and the Camel Contempt of Court By Advice of Counsel "That Sort of Woman" You're Another! Beyond a Reasonable Doubt Old Man Tutt Jefferson Was Right Her Father's House Tit, Tat, Tutt Black Salmon Just at That Age Mr. Tutt Takes the Count Mr. Tutt Goes Fishing Tootle No Parking Mr. Tutt's Queerest Case Arthur Cheney Train (1875-1945) was an American lawyer and writer of legal thrillers, particularly known for his novels of courtroom intrigue and the creation of the fictional lawyer Mr. Ephraim Tutt, who quickly became «the best known lawyer in America». Train wrote a number of novels and short stories inspired by his parallel career as a lawyer in private practice and a New York County District Attorney.

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