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It will come as no surprise to pastors and their families that the vocation of a minister involves stress. In fact, it involves a great deal of stress. Unfortunately, when many pastors encounter stress they tend to hunker down in the hopes of just surviving. All too frequently the stressful situations that have not been dealt with continue to build up, and the result is fatigue and burnout. In Wind and Whirlwind, Dr. David Moffett-Moore presents a better way. He has survived the whirlwind in his own ministry, and more importantly, with the help of many others he has learned to turn the stress into an opportunity for growth, both for himself and for the congregations he serves. In a series of 16 short chapters, he will help you identify the sources of stress, discover ways to manage it spiritually and emotionally, and point you to spiritual disciplines and practices that will help make you a better person and bring success to your ministry. While the chapters are short, they do not present easy, trite answers to complex problems. Rather, they will help you strengthen yourself, so you can discern the way God is working in your life and ministry. Each chapter presents topics for meditation and questions for discussion. It is designed to be used by clergy peer groups.

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