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david seedhouse dr total health promotion

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Health Promotion in Practice is a practice-driven text that translates theories of health promotion into a step-by-step clinical approach for engaging with clients. The book covers the theoretical frameworks of health promotion, clinical approaches to the eleven healthy behaviors—eating well, physical activity, sexual health, oral health, smoking cessation, substance safety, injury prevention, violence prevention, disaster preparedness, organizational wellness, and enhancing development—as well as critical factors shaping the present and the future of the field. Written by the leading practitioners and researchers in the field of health promotion, Health Promotion in Practice is a key text and reference for students, faculty, researchers, and practitioners. «Finally, a signature book in which practitioners of health promotion will find relevant guidance for their work. Sherri Sheinfeld Gorin and Joan Arnold have compiled an outstanding cast of savvy experts whose collective effort has resulted in a stunning breadth of coverage. Whether you are a practitioner or a student preparing for practice, this book will help you to bridge the gap between theory and practice-driven empiricism.» —John P. Allegrante, professor of health education, Teachers College, and Mailman School of Public Health, Columbia University «The models of health promotion around which Health Promotion in Practice is built have a sound basis in current understanding of human development, the impact of community and social systems, and stages of growth, development, and aging. This handbook can provide both experienced health professionals and students beginning to develop practice patterns the content and structure to interactions that are truly promoting of health.» —Kristine M. Gebbie, Dr.P.H., R.N., Columbia University School of Nursing

На этом портале дается способ купить david seedhouse dr total health promotion, сперва сверив лучшие цены. Минимальная цена david seedhouse dr total health promotion стартует от 527.63 рублей и может доходить до 15373.8 рублей. Данный товар возможно выбрать в 1 хороших маркетах Рунета, в том числе в litres.ru. На конец 2020-го оптимальная стоимость на david seedhouse dr total health promotion примерно 5031.5 рублей. Отзывы про david seedhouse dr total health promotion очень располагающие, а фирму восхваляют на сайтах почти все посетители .

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