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Желаем предпонести супер возможность: онлайн акционная поставка ellie goulding ellie goulding lights доступна с 09 утром до 19:00 часов вечером в 3 лавках. В основном такой продукт можно приобрести на популярных сайтах — audiomania.ru, aliexpress.ru, litres.ru, при средней стоимости 1326.38 русских руб, исключая прайсы на доставку.

The stunning saga from the bestselling author of Child of the Mersey and Only a Mother Knows. Perfect for fans of Katie Flynn.A stirring, heartrending story of love, passion, duty and family, set in the early years of the 1900s as the First World War looms.After the tragic death of her mother, beautiful, headstrong Ellie Pride must forge her own way in the world. Having made a deathbed promise to her mother to forsake passion for stability and social status, Ellie rejects the advances of local craftsman Gideon Walker, despite her deep attraction to him. With her grieving father struggling to cope, Ellie is exiled to live with her aunt and uncle. Her mother hoped Ellie would be able to escape her humble roots forever. But despite the so-called luxury, Ellie is left frightened and alone.Her uncle quickly reveals a terrifying cruelty that forces her into a loveless marriage in order to escape him. Struggling to support her weak husband against his penny-pinching father, Ellie never forgets her love for Gideon. Their paths are destined to cross again and again.But when events take a tragic turn, Ellie needs all her pride and strength to overcome hardship, and to triumph.

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