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"Maisel has a wonderful voice and A Writer's San Francisco reads like a gritty, fluent love letter. He moves seamlessly between thoughtful descriptions of modern San Francisco and the San Francisco of the '60s and '70s in narratives that bring the city alive on the page. His affection and respect for the city are inspiring to all writers and artists, but also to anyone who has ever spent time in San Francisco and fallen in love with her." — Chris DeLorenzo, Laguna Writers Workshop San Francisco holds a special place in the history of American literature and in the hearts of creative people everywhere. In thirty-one essays, Eric Maisel takes you on an enchanted journey through one of the world's greatest cities. Walk San Francisco's twisting streets, climb its famous hills, explore bohemian landmarks like City Lights Bookstore, and check out lesser-known neighborhoods. Along the way, Maisel conjures the city's past and present writers, including Twain, Ferlinghetti, and Kerouac, and tells personal stories from his own years as a Bay Area writer, teacher, and creativity coach. Whether you're a San Francisco native, a visitor, an armchair traveler, or an artistic soul seeking inspiration, you'll find lots to inspire you in these pages.

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