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Wicca is based on an ancient set of beliefs passed down through generations. It teaches sensitivity to natural forces, the changing seasons, and the land to which we and our ancestors have relied on for centuries.Now, with this book, you can learn how to master the core ideas and practices of Wicca – in just 20 minutes.Wicca is a nature religion rooted in simple Pagan traditions, handed down through folklore, tradition and ritual. It is a unique synthesis of beliefs, springing from ancient traditions formed around the land, developed from the earliest human concepts of spirituality.Through practising Wicca, not only can you feel more in tune with the natural world, but you’ll learn to be more sensitive to your own being and spirituality too. If you feel ready to unlock your potential, 20 Minutes to Master Wicca is the key.In this book you’ll learn about and learn to understand Wicca’s core concepts – including:• The history of Wicca• The significance and meaning of traditions, symbols and rituals• The influence of the planets and astral bodies• How to communicate with the world around you, the magical realm, and how to put your senses in touch with nature• The tools you’ll need to conduct rituals• How to practise Wicca, both by yourself and with others.Previously published as Principles of Wicca, this ebook brings together classic text from an expert in the field of with a new chapter, placed at the end of the book, that condenses the previous ideas and practices into a simple and digestible 20-minute read.This is part of the 20 Minutes to Master series, five indispensable guides that show you how to transform your life in simple and effective ways. Other titles in the series include 20 Minutes to Master Your Psychic Potential, 20 Minutes to Master Meditation, 20 Minutes to Master Stress Management and 20 Minutes to Master Buddhism.

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