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haesik kim wireless communications systems design

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В любое время дня есть способ приобрести haesik kim wireless communications systems design в любом из интернет-магазинов предложенных компаньонов: litres.ru. Выбирайте скорее товары — 1 интернет-магазинов, а типичная цена продукта порядка 10205.02 рублей. Согласно отзывам про haesik kim wireless communications systems design возможно легко характеризовать производителя как надежную и серьезную команду.

With the emergence of broadband wireless communication systems, new business opportunities have appeared for operators, content provides, and manufacturers. Broadband wireless communications technologies promise the freedom of constant access to the Internet at high speeds, without the limitation of connection cables. Broadband Wireless Communications Business provides comprehensive coverage of the present status and future evolution of these technologies, giving vital practical cost and benefit advice on design, construction and implementation. The author focuses on the costs associated with network design and operation, examining resources, maintenance and billing considerations in terms of Quality of Service provisioning. The future of 4G is explained, with enhancing technologies, cellular design topologies and ad-hoc technologies all covered in-depth. This book will enable the reader to make key business decisions: how to evaluate a technology, which to use, how to combine several technologies to reach a target market, how to differentiate from competitors and how to take advantage of future possible enhancements. Broadband Wireless Communications Business: Defines the unique technical features of the new broadband wireless communications systems and explains what these mean for operator and manufacturer businesses. Offers a complete guide to all current access technologies, associated standards, and duplex modes. Provides advice on key business cost and benefit issues. Addresses wireless technology from the point of view of numerous market sectors: public mobile systems, hot spot coverage, personal area networks, and multi-user shared usage of resources, etc. This text is essential for decision makers and industry key players responsible for the design, development, implementation and management of wireless telecommunications systems. Researchers specializing in the field of wireless technology and graduate students on telecommunications courses will also find it an excellent guide to the topic.

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