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hiroaki misawa 3d laser microfabrication

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Microfabrication is the key technology behind integrated circuits, microsensors, photonic crystals, ink jet printers, solar cells and flat panel displays. Microsystems can be complex, but the basic microstructures and processes of microfabrication are fairly simple. Introduction to Microfabrication shows how the common microfabrication concepts can be applied over and over again to create devices with a wide variety of structures and functions. Featuring: * A comprehensive presentation of basic fabrication processes * An emphasis on materials and microstructures, rather than device physics * In-depth discussion on process integration showing how processes, materials and devices interact * A wealth of examples of both conceptual and real devices Introduction to Microfabrication includes 250 homework problems for students to familiarise themselves with micro-scale materials, dimensions, measurements, costs and scaling trends. Both research and manufacturing topics are covered, with an emphasis on silicon, which is the workhorse of microfabrication. This book will serve as an excellent first text for electrical engineers, chemists, physicists and materials scientists who wish to learn about microstructures and microfabrication techniques, whether in MEMS, microelectronics or emerging applications.

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