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james bartleman a matter of conscience

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Novelist, diplomat, statesman, representative of both the First Nations and the Crown in Canada, James Bartleman always writes from his incredible personal experience. Presented here are three extraordinary books, each touching on a different aspect of his life, whether a candid tell-all about the halls of power, or his unique novels in which the names and details have been changed to protect the innocent. Guaranteed to captivate readers of all stripes.<br> <br> <b>Includes:</b><br> <br> <b><i>Seasons of Hope</i></b><br> Traces James Bartleman's life from an impoverished Native childhood to being appointed ambassador for Canada and lieutenant governor for Ontario, and how as his career advanced, he mobilized public support for Native education. This story traces the whole amazing story.<br> <br> <b><i>Exceptional Circumstances</i></b><br> When Luc Cadotte, diplomat and spy, returns home from Latin America during the FLQ Crisis, he becomes entangled in political machinations and a story of espionage, betrayal, and love gone wrong. Facing an unprecedented wave of domestic terrorism, Cadotte must weigh his ethics against public safety, with lives on the line.<br> <br> <b><i>The Redemption of Oscar Wolf</i></b><br> A saga of mid-20th-century Native life in Canada and abroad, and a novel of resonating ideas and unforgettable characters, whose fascinating, anti-hero protagonist sets out on a quest for redemption after a terrible incident kills his grandfather and a young maid.

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