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Желаете купить jane kenyon superwoman дешево в надежном гипермаркете и не знаете как это провернуть? У нас есть возможность заказать jane kenyon superwoman, стоимость которого от 770.38 вплоть до 5489.07 рублей. Набор товарных позиций представлен — litres.ru.

Superwoman is alive and well and strutting around in her stilettos, sabotaging our right to an imperfect life. She is feeding our insecurities, she is damaging our self belief, she is sabotaging our businesses, our careers and our relationships and she is NOT a great life model to pass on to our daughters. <br>She is what happens when we buy into the modern myth of ‘having it all’ and she has to go!&nbsp;<br>She empowers us to stay small; shop for things we don’t need; obsess over eternal youth and multi task within an inch of emotional exhaustion on a daily basis.&nbsp;<br>Jane has spent the past 10 years empowering and inspiring thousands of women to step up and shine through her aspirational brand The Well Heeled Divas and has seen far too many Superwomen in meltdown!&nbsp;<br>There is a better place to live. One where your authentic soul is nurtured, your vulnerability is nourished and you are allowed to be you. Controlling everything does not give you power, it gives you a blinding headache! We need to learn to let go, say no, accept help, stop controlling everything, recognise the power of vulnerability and stop beating ourselves up for failing to hit perfect 24/7.&nbsp;<br>This book uncovers how Superwoman is showing up in our professional life, our businesses, our marriages, in our role as mothers, in our attraction strategy and in our identity. It is a call out to women everywhere to be kinder to ourselves and each other and to reclaim our feminine power.

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