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Welcome to the Catholic Church! Now that you're officially a Catholic, you are probably wondering, «Now what?» Shaun McAfee has been where you are. As a convert, he worried that he might not be a «good Catholic.» He wanted to take part in the sacraments, really prepare for Mass, learn how to defend and even share his faith, and understand certain Catholic devotions. Yet he wasn't sure how to do any of this, or where to look for answers once RCIA was finished. If you feel the same way, I'm Catholic. Now What? Is the perfect resource for you! In ten meaty sections, you'll learn about: How to get started as a new Catholic Customs, courtesies, rules, and traditions Prayer, devotion, and spirituality Getting the most from the sacraments Catholic life day-to-day Morality for Catholics Current issues in the Church and the world Knowing and defending the Faith Evangelization and how to do it Mary, the Church, and the saints Dip into the sections as you have questions, or dive deeper as you are moved to learn about a particular topic or theme. Use it as a reference when people ask you questions about your new faith. This resource is also ideal for people considering converting, and even for «cradle Catholics» who are interested in learning more about our Catholic Faith. Click here to register for the related webcast ABOUT THE AUTHOR Shaun McAfee is the author of Reform Yourself! and several other books. He is the founder and editor of EpicPew.com and contributes to many Catholic resources, including Catholic Answers Magazine and his weekly blog at the National Catholic Register . He holds a master's degree in dogmatic theology from Holy Apostles College and Seminary, is a lay Dominican, and lives with his wife and four children in Vicenza, Italy.

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