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joan boswell cut to the chase

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In the sequel to Cut Off his Tale, Hollis Grant is back, but this time shes in Toronto, hoping for a quiet summer of study. Hollis is a painter, and she hopes to spend some time taking a course in painting at the College of Art from her best friends husband, Curt Hartman. But the murder of her friends secretive stepson puts paid to those plans as the friend teeters on the edge of hysteria. She needs support and begs Hollis to move in with the family. Hollis discovers that all is not as it seems. Was the stepson the real target or is it his brother or his father, famous artist, and Holliss instructor, Curt Hartman? It appears that both father and son have led clandestine lives. Would someone kill them because of their secrets? Hollis poses those questions to Rhona Simpson, the Toronto homicide detective whom Hollis last encountered in Ottawa. It soon becomes clear to both women that the crime is the work of a cold-blooded murderer who intends to strike again. Terror mounts at the Hartmans. Arson, a bomb, a sabotaged sailboatthe killer is closing in. Who will be the next victim? Hollis and Rhona race along parallel tracks to solve the case.

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