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karen casey getting unstuck

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Practice Simple Yet Effective Mediation We all need a dose of inspiration to get us through hard times.  All We Have Is All We Need  reminds you that you’ll survive and thrive with simple steps and mindful mediations. When was the last time you felt peaceful?  In  All We Have Is All We Need , Karen Casey's classic and simple wisdom is condensed into one and two sentence statements. Her concise teachings will help turn you away from trouble, chaos, and drama and toward peace in your everyday life. When we find ourselves in turmoil we cannot concentrate.  When faced with what seem like calamities, what we need is a simple but true message to hold on to. And, at other times, when crises don't loom quite so large, we can still find comfort in going back to the basics. This isn’t your average meditative teacher.  Karen Casey is the founding mother of daily meditation books for women, and a 12-step recovery workshop facilitator with over forty published titles in over ten different languages. In  All We Have Is All We Need  she offers something different and unique. Her simple yet profound statements will help you: Reframe your thinkingPractice positive affirmationsFind inner peace If you enjoyed books like  Make Your Bed ,  The Gifts of Imperfection  by Brené Brown, or  Untamed , then you’ll love Karen Casey's  All We Have Is All We Need .

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