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kev reynolds the south downs way

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On eight treks in Nepal's Himalaya; to Kanchenjunga, Manaslu, Annapurna, Everest, Langtang, Dolpo, Api and Mugu, the true spirit of trekking is captured in Kev Reynolds' reverence, curiosity and ongoing love of the world's greatest mountain range. The Himalaya are no ordinary mountains. Stretching through five countries and dwarfing all others, they have captured the imaginations of travellers and mountain lovers for centuries. While some seek to reach their snowy heights, many more step out onto winding and climbing trails to trek through the heart of the mountains, and live – if only for a little while – the life of an adventurer. The first time a trail is explored offers unknown beauty and fresh experience around every turn. This is Kev Reynolds' collection of eight such discoveries along popular trails and into lands previously locked away. Brought to life in vivid style, Reynolds evokes the scent of fragrant rhododendron jungles and travelling past terraced fields, hillside villages and ancient temples. Then exploring into hidden valleys beyond the reach of civilization, and on to towering, ice-locked peaks that scratch the sky. All proceeds from sales of this book will be donated to the Nepal Earthquake Appeal.

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