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luke delaney imperfect killing

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A chilling short story featuring DS Sean Corrigan from Luke Delaney, ex-Met detective and author of Cold Killing. Perfect for fans of Mark Billingham, Peter James and Stuart MacBride.FIVE WOMEN HAVE BEEN MURDERED…All prostitutes. All with dark, straight hair. Snatched from the shadows of London’s red-light districts, their mutilated bodies left out in the pouring rain.ENTER DS SEAN CORRIGANHe’s been drafted in to assist the Streatham Police Department – much to the displeasure of the existing DI. But Corrigan has no time for petty squabbles – he has one mission only: find the one they call ‘The Reaper’, even if it means entering the dark and twisted mind of a cold-hearted killer.THE KILLER STRIKES AGAINA sixth victim is found and suddenly Corrigan knows what he must do to catch him. But is it worth risking yet another life?

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