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martin fisher j battle amongst the stars

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One of the most important primary historical sources of the American Revolutionary War, “A Narrative of a Revolutionary Soldier” by Joseph Plumb Martin, is the published account of his time serving in the Continental Army and Connecticut Militia. Originally published anonymously in 1830, it was thought lost to history until a surviving first edition copy of the narrative was found in the 1950’s. Martin’s account is particularly significant as Martin served as a private during most of the war and his recollections are remarkably accurate and detailed. Historians believe Martin kept a journal during the war and then enlarged on the details prior to publishing the account later in his life. Martin was only 15 years old when he convinced his grandparents to allow him to join the Connecticut Militia in 1776. He completed a tour of duty and returned home, but was eager to re-enlist. At age 16, he joined the Continental Army and served until 1783, when he was discharged. Martin’s regiment participated in many important battles and events, such as The Battle of Brooklyn, The Battle of Monmouth, the encampment at Valley Forge, and the Siege of Yorktown. This fascinating first-person account is required reading for anyone who studies the American Revolution.

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