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mortimer adler how to prove there is a god

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There is one thing that the devil and his cohorts do not want every child of God to do. He does not want us to have a perfect relationship with God. He divides and rules us. However, God desires personal intimate relationship with Him. The only way we can achieve this is through prayer. He wants everyone to come to Him directly in the name of Jesus Christ. The whole extent of Christianity is to have an intimate relationship with God. Unfortunately, many of us are distracted in the church by a lot of serving and wording. The Lord wants to see us at the battle well protected. Do you know that Christians are living in the front line of spiritual and physical warfare? Yes, we are. What are you doing about it? Are you praying? You should. Do you think you do not know how to pray? Do you think God will not answer your prayer because of your sins? It is all lies. May be you are having difficult stabilizing yourself in faith. These are no problems for a willing child of God. In this book, God used the author to expose the loopholes in attaining intimate relationship with God, and outline how to close up such holes. There are Biblical expositions on sin, forgiveness, restitution, right attitude to prayer and praying right with authority. This book equally addresses church relationship and corporate prayer. It is to help you fight against the spiritual warfare, which is inevitably against every believer. If you are a new believer or you have been long in the faith, yet find it difficult to pray effectively or keep up with your decision to pray and fast, this book will help. It also Biblically points you to Jesus your prayer mentor. Remember, this book is not written recital prayer book. It is a book on the complete prayer.

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