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Digital forensics and multimedia forensics are rapidly growing disciplines whereby electronic information is extracted and interpreted for use in a court of law. These two fields are finding increasing importance in law enforcement and the investigation of cybercrime as the ubiquity of personal computing and the internet becomes ever-more apparent. Digital forensics involves investigating computer systems and digital artefacts in general, while multimedia forensics is a sub-topic of digital forensics focusing on evidence extracted from both normal computer systems and special multimedia devices, such as digital cameras. This book focuses on the interface between digital forensics and multimedia forensics, bringing two closely related fields of forensic expertise together to identify and understand the current state-of-the-art in digital forensic investigation. Both fields are expertly attended to by contributions from researchers and forensic practitioners specializing in diverse topics such as forensic authentication, forensic triage, forensic photogrammetry, biometric forensics, multimedia device identification, and image forgery detection among many others. Key features: Brings digital and multimedia forensics together with contributions from academia, law enforcement, and the digital forensics industry for extensive coverage of all the major aspects of digital forensics of multimedia data and devices Provides comprehensive and authoritative coverage of digital forensics of multimedia data and devices Offers not only explanations of techniques but also real-world and simulated case studies to illustrate how digital and multimedia forensics techniques work Includes a companion website hosting continually updated supplementary materials ranging from extended and updated coverage of standards to best practice guides, test datasets and more case studies

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