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Порой выбор дешевой стоимости товаров и нахождение нагативных мнений покупателей поглощает кучу времени, и мы поможем сформировать отменные выборки стоимости на rein raud vend, и еще дадим вебсайт партнера с оперативной доставкой. Всего было отмечено интернет-магазинов — 3 дилеров, выбирайте лучшую фирму и нажимайте по гиперссылке для того чтобы оформить заказ rein raud vend. Текущий агрегатор находит популярные товарные площадки, среди них litres.ru, pecmall.ru, techport.ru, ниже цен вы не найдете на этот и многие смежные товары.

Winner of the Eduard Vilde Literary Award[/b] The Brother opens with a mysterious stranger arriving in a small town controlled by a group of men—men who recently cheated the stranger's supposed sister out of her inheritance and mother's estate. Resigned to giving up on her dreams and ambitions, Laila took this swindling in stride, something that Brother won't stand for. Soon after his arrival, fortunes change dramatically, enraging this group of powerful men, motivating them to get their revenge on Brother. Meanwhile, a rat-faced paralegal makes it his mission to discover Brother's true identity . . . The first novel of Rein Raud's to appear in English, The Brother is, in Raud's own words, a spaghetti western told in poetic prose, simultaneously paying tribute to both Clint Eastwood and Alessandro Baricco. With its well-drawn characters and quick moving plot, it takes on more mythic aspects, lightly touching on philosophical ideas of identity and the ruthless way the world is divided into winners and losers. Rein Raud is the author of four books of poetry, six novels, and several collections of short fiction. He's also a scholar in Japanese studies and has translated several works of Japanese into Estonian. One of his short pieces appeared in Best European Fiction 2015. Adam Cullen was born and educated in Minneapolis, Minnesota, but currently resides in Tallinn where he's translated dozens of plays, stories, and poems. He's also translated three published novels, including Radio by Tõnu Õnnepalu and The Cavemen Chronicle by Mihkel Mutt.

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