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richard cannings birdfinding in british columbia

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In this fascinating guide to the roadside ecology of the major highways in B.C., you'll discover a whole new dimension to taking a car trip. This new edition has been updated and expanded to cover northern British Columbia and southern Yukon, giving readers a unique perspective on the northern wildlife and vegetation. Southern travellers «may find that this journey will redefine what 'northern British Columbia' means to them, or even what 'north' means.»Sidebars tell stories about various species, such as the huge, endangered sturgeon and the Great Basin spadefoot toad, which spends most of the year underground. Full-colour photographs and black-and-white drawings illustrate numerous plants and animals that make their homes along the roadsides of British Columbia, and maps show the route of each highway discussed. In addition, the book offers suggestions for where to stop and look for crayfish, enjoy a swim in summer, or have a picnic lunch during your travels. An appendix provides a brief field guide of tree silhouettes and hints for identifying trees and shrubs.Whether you're taking a day trip or a two-week holiday, your drive along the highways of B.C. will be enriched by the storehouse of information in this facinating and informative guide.

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