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robert r desjarlais body and emotion

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"Chess gets a hold of some people, like a virus or a drug," writes Robert Desjarlais in this absorbing book. Drawing on his lifelong fascination with the game, Desjarlais guides readers into the world of twenty-first-century chess to help us understand its unique pleasures and challenges, and to advance a new «anthropology of passion.» Immersing us directly in chess’s intricate culture, he interweaves small dramas, closely observed details, illuminating insights, colorful anecdotes, and unforgettable biographical sketches to elucidate the game and to reveal what goes on in the minds of experienced players when they face off over the board. <i>Counterplay</i> offers a compelling take on the intrigues of chess and shows how themes of play, beauty, competition, addiction, fanciful cognition, and intersubjective engagement shape the lives of those who take up this most captivating of games.

Каталог предоставляет возможность купить robert r desjarlais body and emotion, предварительно проверив оптимальные цены. Цена robert r desjarlais body and emotion стартует от 286 рублей и доходит до 2724.22 руб. Такой товар возможно получить сразу в 3 известных маркетах России, среди которых litres.ru, labirint.ru, chitai-gorod.ru. В 2020 году нормальная стоимость для robert r desjarlais body and emotion считается 1275.02 рублей. Отзывы о robert r desjarlais body and emotion крайне располагающие и производителя советуют своим родственникам многие покупатели .

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