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Using national and state standards to guide your math program is just a start. You still have to decide how to apply the standards in your curriculum, determine when students should learn different content, and decide which programs and textbooks will help you make math come alive in the classroom. That's where this new ASCD resource comes in.  Priorities in Practice: The Essentials of Mathematics K-6 explores how educators–from classroom teachers to central office administrators–are tackling these major challenges in math education: * Emphasizing algebraic thinking, problem solving, and communication*Relying on research to guide the implementation of new teaching practices* Connecting math activities to larger purposes and everyday experiences* Differentiating instruction based on students' learning styles, interests, and readiness levels* Helping teachers use classroom assessment to guide instruction* Improving math teaching practices through teacher professional development and analysis of student work. Whether you're working with an established math curriculum or rethinking your whole approach, here's an opportunity to see where your program stands in the context of current trends. This is the first volume in a new series from ASCD that explores tested methods of teaching and administrating curriculum in the major content areas. Note: This product listing is for the reflowable (ePub) version of the book.

Чаще всего нахождение доступной стоимости товаров и подбор нагативных отзывов о покупках занимает кучу времени, но таблица на нашем ресурсе поможет найти прекрасные предложения цены для rupen das connecting curriculum with context, или прекрасные предложения кредитования. В общей сложности зафиксировано магазинов: 3 торговцев, находите лучшую позицию и нажимайте по гиперссылке для того чтобы завершить заказ rupen das connecting curriculum with context. Текущий сервис konadnailart.ru покажет все магазины в интернете и как пример litres.ru, aliexpress.ru, labirint.ru.

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