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Нигде в интернете не было так легко и просто заказать scandinavia dreaming nordic homes interiors and design сопоставив прайсы в самых популярных супермаркетах России и Украины. Израсходовать бабло с выгодой может быть не просто, но лишь тут цена scandinavia dreaming nordic homes interiors and design в электронном каталоге доступна от 453.07 руб. У нас здесь показано 3 ритейлеров шмотья среди них: respublica.ru, labirint.ru, litres.ru

From the Third Coast comes this inspirational interiors book by award-winning interior designers Sandra Lucas and Sarah Eilers, who show us how to design inviting homes with a classical backbone that are stylish and versatile for today's living. Native Houstonians Lucas and Eilers's aesthetic marries the entrepreneurial, can-do spirit of the West with Southern grace. The distinctive influences of their hometown--from the architecture of John Staub to the textures and color palettes of the surrounding Texas ranches and expansive landscapes to the impact of futuristic NASA--infuse their design choices. Whether traditional, contemporary, or transitional in style, the rooms they create are timeless. The duo's seasoned insight into the principles and elements of interior design forms the book's heart. Touching on such topics as scale and proportion, color and light, and pattern and texture, they explore their pragmatic, imaginative approach to creating expressive living spaces in a diverse range of projects from coast to coast. They then tour us through several homes, including a comfortable family ski compound in Utah with repurposed rough-hewn wooden beams and custom forged-steel fireplace surrounds; a Houston shotgun home rich with patina; and a charming Gulf Coast beach house. For those passionate about interiors, this wealth of design fundamentals is inspirational.

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