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New Atlantia, #2 Torn between two zones. Torn between two men. Patrick O'Connor is a soldier in the army that keeps the Zones separated. Though he does his duty, he is one of many who do not agree with how the Gov is operating. His twin is ripped from the family and dumped in the Amber Zone, but Patrick finds a way to join the Resistance to reconnect with his brother. Once he's in the Zone, Jordan Ford runs straight into his arms. Instead of arresting her for setting off a bomb in a Gov building, he does the unthinkable. . .he offers her his assistance. Jordan Ford has struggled against all odds to become third in command of the Resistance, whose goal is ousting ending the Repopulation Laws. She is both attracted to and suspicious of Patrick's assistance. She ends up acting liaison between the Resistance members in the Amber Zone and those in the Sapphire Zone, bridging the chasm between the sectors. Attraction sparks between Jordan and the two brothers, leaving her wondering if she can survive her next mission, the revelation of her darkest secrets, and being torn between two men who love each other more than they love her. 82,879 Words

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