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vicente chong a theological aesthetics of liberation

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Throughout history, Western esoteric movements have provided meaning and power for what the Rosicrucians of the early modern period called the quest for «Universal Reformation»–the utopian restructuring of religion, science, the arts, and human society. Yet Western esotericism has been roundly ignored as a source of reflection in mainstream Christian theology, including the radical theologies of liberation that might otherwise see in esotericism a kindred spirit to their commitment to radical social change.
In The Inner Church is the Hope of the World, guided by his work in contemporary movements for social change, Nicholas Laccetti puts Western esotericism in dialogue with liberation theology, treating esotericism as a legitimate source of spiritual and theological insight. If, as Gustavo Gutierrez writes, «God is revealed in history,» then we will also encounter God within the particular history of human religious expression that is Western esotericism. And from these theological reflections, the Inner Church of the esotericists, occultists, and mystics is revealed to be the true ekklesia of all who have conformed themselves to God's vision of freedom and liberation, and who struggle to enact that vision in human society. The Inner Church is truly the hope of the world.

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