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wendy s marcus when one night isn t enough

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Для вас неплохая новость — выгодная продажа wendy s marcus when one night isn t enough возможна прямо сейчас в 1 гипермаркетах. Самые популярные магазины в которых можно купить litres.ru с расценками примерно 306.72 руб, и гарантийным обслуживанием и с другими дополнениями.

Caught in the Billionaire’s EmbraceWhen Marcus Fallon lays eyes on Della Hannan, a mysterious beauty, he knows she’s meant to be his. But one night is not enough for Marcus. Only after he asks Della for more does she explain she has no plans to stay with him. And the infamous bachelor finds himself with the tables turned – the one woman he wants has no intention of being caught in this billionaire’s embrace.The Tycoon’s Temporary BabyTo keep custody of her baby niece, Wendy Leland needs a husband – fast. But when Jonathon Bagdon, her very sexy, successful boss, offers himself, she’s reluctant. Because he can only be proposing for one reason: to stop her from leaving. But when he plays the role of newlywed with passion, it becomes crystal clear that going from boardroom to bedroom will change both their agendas.

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