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zach urness best hikes with kids oregon

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85 fun and interesting hikes chosen for children ages 10 and under Most outings are less than 5 miles and have less than 1000 feet of elevation gain Includes activities to keep kids engaged on the trail The mother of three young children, Kathy Schrenk formed a social media group for parents who wanted to join her and her kids on hikes around St. Louis. A few years later, that group has nearly 2000 active members. Kathy clearly tapped into an interest and enthusiasm for family hiking, which she has now captured in her new book Best Hikes with Kids: St. Louis & Beyond . The St. Louis guide is divided into four sections: in and around the city of St. Louis; destinations in nearby Illinois; trails in northwest St. Louis County; and locales farther south, including a variety of state parks and conservation areas. The hike descriptions point out things of interest to kids such as unique geology (caves and sinkholes), places for a quick splash in a creek, or spots to go on the hunt for lizards. Parents will appreciate cautions about sharp drop-offs or tips for potty time on the trail. Other features of the guide include: Tips and strategies for hiking with kids—how to motivate them, what’s appropriate for different ages, sidebars with games, nature facts, and more Direct and accurate driving directions and notes on public transit options where available “Best of” lists highlight groups of top 5 hikes with special features to help parents select trips their kids will enjoy Access details including GPS trailhead coordinates and info on permits, fees, and other info Notes about barrier-free or ADA-accessible trails and suitability for jogging strollers Full color photos throughout and detailed maps

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